What's the recommended age group to use Brush Monster?

Brush Monster is designed for children with age of 3 and above to enjoy and learn brushing their teeth. Some Customers let their kids use at the age of 2.

How can I connect the brush to my smartphone?

Don't need to do pairing process. Just switch on your mobile's Bluetooth and follow the brushmonster apps guide when it informs you push the power button on toothbrush.

Can I brush teeth without using application?

Yes. A short vibration is trigger upon button push indicates that the toothbrush is turned ON. The next button push starts a 2 minutes gentle vibration with a change of pace at every 30 seconds interval. Brushing will end automatically after 2 minutes or a button push during brushing to manually turn it off.

How often should the head be replaced?

We recommend every 3 months change for brushing effect and oral hygiene of your kids. The refill heads ($6.90, 3pcs) are selling here .

Can I change the power of vibration?

You can find the 5-level power option in application setting, ranging from OFF to Level 4. The changed power is set to the brush when connected brush mode is started.

How can I check the dental report?

Click the button in the upper right corner of the application. Dental Report only will be shown after you completed brushing using Brush Monster Toothbrush

How can I make profile for many kids?

Yes, you can manage the character sticker, setting, dental report for each kid. (need to switch profile when brushing)

Does the character sticker sync for other smartphones?

Yes, login with same account(e-mail) then everything is synchronized in other smartphones.

How can I collect the character sticker? What is stars on character?

If your kid brushes everyday then can collect new character sticker. Collect 3 stars(★★★) as brushing 3 times for a day.

How do I take a selfie with Brush Monster friends?

Click on collected characters and take to save a selfie with them.

What are the available languages?

Our app supports up to 4 languages: English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. It can be applied to both text and voice.

Is Brush Monster safe to use for kids?

Brush Monster is safe to use for kids. We're CE, FCC, RoSH Certified. View all our Certifications/Test Reports here

Will my kids be obsessed to Brush Monster tooth brushing app?

No. Brush Monster programmed brushing up to maximum 3 times a day, and collect a star during each brush. Brush Monster encourages and build kids self confidence to brush their teeth accurately.

Why am I unable to view my dental report analysis?

Do check if the toothbrush is properly connected to the app via Bluetooth. To double check, you may click on the on/off button lightly during the brushing process. If it's connected, it will pause the brushing process.

Is there a maximum number of dental report analysis that can be recorded in the app?

No, the app can record and store unlimited dental report analysis.

How many different type of Brush Monsters are there?

There are total of 180 different monsters to be collected.